About Konrad Kuczak

Konrad has been a lifelong resident of Dayton, Ohio.

He was awarded a B. A. degree from the University of Dayton in 1965 where he was a member of the Phi Alpha Theta and Pi Kappa Delta honorary fraternities.

He received his Juris Doctor from Salmon P. Chase College of Law (Now Northern Kentucky University) in 1969 and has since been continuously licensed to practice law in the courts of Ohio.

Konrad began practicing law with renowned trial advocate Jack H. Patricoff (1907-1985). While with the Patricoff firm, Konrad served as Dayton's first Public Defender as an employee of the Dayton Legal Aid Society.

Konrad established his own law office in 1972 attempting to secure and preserve the rights of individuals and small corporations against big business, government, and the police.

Konrad has been found successfully representing clients in courts as close as the one across the street from his office and as far away as Dallas, Texas. In recent personal injury and stockbroker misconduct cases, he has achieved awards for clients so large, that Defendants demand the amounts be kept confidential. He utilizes personal aircraft in order to be able to serve clients in locations far removed from his Dayton, Ohio office. Konrad’s aviation experience and membership in the Aircraft Owners’ and Pilots’ Association legal services panel has enabled him to represent clients in a variety of aviation based matters and injury/death claims.

Konrad is admitted to and has represented clients in the United States Supreme Court, the U. S. Court of Claims, the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh U. S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, as well as the federal and state courts and administrative agencies in Ohio and the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency for stock broker negligence and fraud cases.

Aware that his clients generally seek his advice and counsel in matters which will seriously effect the balance of their lives, Konrad strives to provide ready, personal communications with client in order to preserve their lives, liberty, and property.