Office in Dayton Ohio. Personal aircraft maintained to provide personalized legal service in most Ohio counties:

Major Civil Case Awards:

  • Resch v. Direct Express, Inc. $1.4 Million
  • Zimmerman v. Dawn Trucking, Inc. $ 1 Million
  • DeShayes v. Phipps $ .96 Million
  • Van Hoose v. Norfolk Southern Railway Co. (Confidential per demand of railroad)
  • David Smith v. Edward Jones Co. (Confidential per demand of broker)

Transportation Cases:

Seasoned professional advocacy in cases involving heavy truck crashes, plane crashes, personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, drunk driving charges, overweight, speeding, and FAA and DOT/CDL license revocation/ enforcement.

Cases Dismissed (Criminal):

Winning criminal trials and zealously striving to defend and keep you free from police misconduct beginning with the first contact with the police through all stages of court proceedings. Trial victories range from simple misdemeanor cases to federal drug (meth) conspiracy and distribution cases.


"It ain't over till...." Dozens of cases successfully appealed. If filed soon enough, every civil and criminal court verdict and decision can be appealed. The reviewing court has the final word. ( Depending on the case, appeals must be filed from between 10 to 30 days after a court rules or the right to appeal is lost.)

Civil appeals:

Successful appeals range from post decree change of custody in divorce case to inclusion of auctioneers among category of professionals who can be sued for malpractice.

Criminal appeals:

Successful appeals range from vacation of convictions due to police misconduct to dismissal of charges for prosecutorial misconduct.

Pension claim denials:

Procured retirement benefits for scores of retirees whose pension funds had their justly earned retirement benefits.


"A lawyer's lawyer," representing other lawyers, physicians, and other professionals in ethics, licensing, and malpractice claims.


Obtaining compensation for incompetent performance by doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who have injured their patients and clients.

Government Misconduct:

Preserving the right of persons to be free from unlawful governmental interference with their rights to political expression, use of their property, personal liberty and privacy.

Second Opinions:

"It's the only case you have." Clients who have become uncomfortable with their current lawyer(s) are candidly counseled. Satisfying victories have frequently been achieved in cases where clients originally retained other lawyers.